Friday, July 1, 2011

patience & planning

Sorry for going MIA in the blogging world, but with planning a wedding, working full time, and photography on the side, it gets a little overwhelming and all I want to do on a free afternoon is cuddle with my pup on the couch and nap :)

Here lately God has been teaching me a lot about patience, planning, and pride. I get so caught up in trying to plan everything out and stressing over plans that dont work out right that I forget that He already knows what the outcome of every situation is and His plan is greater than anything I could ever imagine. For example, we have been waiting since March to see if Ben would get into a Physical Therapy program. We had no doubt in our minds that he would get in so we were planning the first year of our marriage around that (saving money since we would only have one income) and then last week we got his letter saying he was not accepted to the program. Of course my mind is racing saying "what are you going to do now?" but then it hit me, God knew from the day Ben was born that he wouldnt get into this program. There is no reason to worry. I am reminded daily that "those who trust in the Lord will not be dissappointed" Romans 10:11.

I hope to get back in the blogging scene on a weekly basis. I will definitely be updating after our long weekend! My sweetheart knew I needed a little break and has planned a surprise trip for us for the weekend :)

much love,

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