Monday, March 7, 2011

hello there...

So... I kinda forgot about the 30 day picture challenge! Hopefully one day I will get back around too it!! But with a week like this one coming up its gonna be tough! Here is our schedule for this week:

MONDAY: Cake tasting... I think Ben is a little excited about this : )

TUESDAY: Hair appt after work

WEDNESDAY: Weekly visit with my dad, and make sure all clothes are ready for Saturday

THURSDAY: Get nails and toes done!

FRIDAY: Make sure everything is ready to go for Saturday

SATURDAY: ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!! I absolutely cannot wait!!

SUNDAY: Church and RELAX!!

Here are the outfits we will be wearing for our pics: ( I couldnt get them side by side so my outfit is on top and his is on the bottom)

I couldnt find a pic of our exact shirts but this is what we will be wearing for our fun pictures:

I cant wait to get the pics back and to share them with you!!

much love,

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