Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I linked up with Jaime for...

1) I'm loving that I bought this dress yesterday to wear for our engagement pics coming up in March...

2) I'm loving that in one day we accomplised finding MY dress, both mom dresses, the flower girl dress, and all 6 bridesmaids dresses!! Of course pictures of that will have to wait!

3) I'm loving that I have already scheduled a few photo sessions for 2011... can't wait to use this some more... (check out my website

I'm loving that in 2 weeks I get to go on a retreat weekend with a bunch of college kids who love Jesus... even though I know I will be sleep deprived it is well worth it!

5) And of couse I'm loving that I get to marry this man in just 255 days...

much love...


  1. What a great list! You've got a lot of great things coming up! Love the new dress. So many options on accessorizing it. Nice to come across your blog!

  2. What a cute blog!!! I follow your photography blog :) I'm your newest follower on here!!!